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Visit our Resources site for help with installation, troubleshooting and other helpful information for the DIYer. Below are just a few examples of what you’ll find on our Resources site.
Typical LP Burner Installation

Typical LP Burner Configuration

Installation of a fire pit burner using liquid propane gas (LP gas) is different from a natural gas installation. LP gas requires a greater air/gas mixture than natural gas; therefore, you'll need to be sure to install an air mixer to the intake side of the burner. The air mixer should be sized to the burner size (i.e. 90k BTU air mixer for 90k BTU burners). [...]

Fire Glass Turning Black

Fire Glass Turning Black (Soot)

Fire glass does not burn, so any discoloration is caused by the fuel being burned. Discoloration of fire glass is usually caused in liquid propane (LP) installations due to the improper burning of the gas which causes sooting of the fire glass. This is usually caused by a missing air/gas mixer prior to the burner, or an undersized air/gas mixer. [...]

Low Luster Tumbled Fire Glass

High Luster -vs- Tumbled

Often people ask if our tempered fire glass is tumbled. It is not. And for good reasons. Tumbling fire glass gives it a frosted surface, much like how sea glass is created by the natural tumbling of glass pieces against the sandy ocean bottom. While sea glass is an extreme example of tumbled glass, even the slightest [...]



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