Custom Wind Guard

Custom Wind Guard

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Choose Celestial’s custom wind guards for a perfect fit. Use our build-your-own option to get exactly the size you need without the hassle and expense of locating a local glass fitter to make custom panels for you.  

Our shortest panel is 9” with other panels increasing by 1-inch increments all the way up to 77” in length—so there’s lots of flexibility. Single panel construction is available for sizes up to 39”.  Sizes from 40” and larger will be made from two panels with a center connector. Connecting hardware is included on all orders.  All panels are 6" in height.

Not sure what the perfect size is? No problem. Our designers will be happy to help you determine the proper size custom wind guard for your fire pit. Our Affordable prices will surprise you. Contact us online or by phone for help planning your custom flame guard.

Made from durable tempered glass, these wind guards will withstand the high temperatures of your fire pit giving you many years of enjoyment. Plus, they’re backed by our lifetime, No-fault Broken Glass Warranty.  If for any reason a glass panel is broken, we will gladly ship you a free replacement panel.  (All we ask is that you cover the shipping cost.)

  • Perfect Fit: Custom sizing not only ensures a polished look, it also maximizes wind protection and efficiency.
  • Improved Ambiance: Enjoy consistent, beautiful flames when the fire is shielded from the wind, enhancing the atmosphere of your outdoor gatherings.
  • Enhanced Safety: Wind guards create a barrier, preventing children or pets from getting too close to the open flame.
  • Increased Durability: Made from high-quality tempered glass, custom wind guards are built to withstand high temperatures and last for years.
  • Easy Installation: Our custom wind guards are designed for hassle-free installation. No tools or professional help required.
  • Expert Assistance: Our skilled designers are available to help you determine the ideal size for your wind guard, ensuring the best possible fit and function.
  • Lifetime Warranty: Enjoy peace of mind with our No-fault Broken Glass Warranty, which covers free replacement panels (shipping cost not included).
  • Versatile Options: Available in various sizes, our custom wind guards cater to a wide range of fire pit dimensions.

*Not available in round shapes.


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